Endoekin, Frozen chips, Tortilla Wraps and Cheese Cakes Supplier

Endoekin has made its reputation on its serious commitment and transparency and has succeeded to create a dynamic, by showing its will in hygiene and security. Our policy is to form an ethical business relationship with our customers which is essential for a successful business.

Ekin was founded on March 12, 1998 in Paris, France. Our main activities consist of distributing A+ Grade pre-baked Belgian deep-frozen fries. In addition, we are suppliers of: Ekin snacks, Ekin sauces, Ekin tortilla wraps and Ekin potato specialties. Our Factories are based in Belgium, Holland and Turkey where we produce and wholesale our products all over Europe. 

We have partnerships across Europe: Spain (MIS Ekin), Turkey (T.Ekin), Italy (YES Ekin), Benelux (FIH Ekin), Germany (IS Ekin)

We are also active in the following countries:
Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Sweden, Morocco, Algeria, Dubai and Hong Kong.